Bio: My name is Tatiana Manuela Costa Lopes, I´m a Portuguese 18 year girl that have just finished High school with 18 values in 20! In high school I´ve attended the course of Languages and Humanities, which means I had History A, Philosophy, Psychology, Portuguese, English, Geography, Math’s applied to the social sciences and physical education. In my final exams, I had 19,2 values in 20 at history, 14 at Portuguese and 16 at philosophy, I´ve been admitted in the University of law In Oporto, I was taking criminology, but I always liked international relations, because I´m very good at languages, I speak and write English fluently, Spanish as well, and at French I´m just sufficient. I love write and debate, last year I was selected to a American program in which only 20 persons were chosen to participate, it was an intercultural youth program organized by the American embassy, in which we visited Strike for NATO and the American embassy. In the final of the program we received a letter saying that from now on we were called Youth American-Portuguese. I´m very responsible and organized, I don´t like messy things. I really like history, modern history, related with political issues that occurred, like the dictatorships that occurred all along the Europe, in Germany, Italy, Spain and Portugal, I think It´s very important to know what happened and what went wrong in the past to know how to improve things in the future, but also to know what was good and turn into something even better! I also love read and write, per month I think I read more than 5 books, and I write a lot , since histories, to news for the school newspaper, I think I´m a good write, actually I prefer to write about touching subjects, emotions, but I also love write things about history and philosophy, I like to show my perspective about the subjects, it´s something I´m really good at! I forgot to tell that I love music and travel as well, I play guitar and I´ve studied music.

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