Destiny´s name (2nd chapter)

  So when least expected the door began to creak and I knew that meant it was not worth hide, I would be discovered anyway, I sat down and waited for them to open the door!
The door was really old, and they wre taking to long to open it, that increased my anxiety,, but seconds later I started to see a slender figure and worthy of respect approaching me!

   – I see you already woke up! Good morning!-Told me, this was the owner of sweet voice like honey, was a boy of roughly 20 years old, tall with brown shiny and slippery hair,  disturbingly beautiful hazelnut eyes, and had a clear-cut face and his skin tone was enviable. It’s all right? I´m Amin, we don´t want to hurt you, on the contrary you are here with a mission!

I should be doing a  incredible and silly figure, I was indeed in  shock, that beautiful human being was talking to me and I couldn´t even utter a word!


  -But … but .. What am I doing here ?Who brought me to this place and why am I on a mission, no one asked me for help, beyond that I don´t remember being offered nor accepted help somebody, who are you guys? – seemed a native gesturing words,  I was so embarrassed, didn´t have half the accent and expressiveness of such Amin!
-You are in Cronicus! -he looked at me waiting for my reaction, which was just getting amazed and look at it  him even more confusing! Don´t know what is Cronicus? How can you not know? Asked me, a little angry and sketched a crooked charming smile , that seemed of enjoyment!

-I have not the slightest idea of what is Cronicus, I just want to go home, you know how can I go back?-Asked him despite knowing that the answers should have a negative charge and it would not be so easy my return to home!
-Cronicus is the place where all the magic, the place that gave birth to your “World”, there are two worlds that  complet each other and if one did not exist, then none of them existed!- declared him with anenthusiastic voice. – You came to help us rebuild our world and if you don´t help us , both worlds will suffer the consequences!

– I’m sorry? Are you trying to tell me that there is a parallel world,  which one depends on the other, and that this world is going through hard times and you need my help? And if I don´t accept help you I never be able to go home?! You are kidding with me!- I was hysterical and completely out of me, how could this be possible? I was sleepy and maybe I was going to wake up any minute and start laughing about me and  my fancy dream! No! You are lying to me! And why are you dressed that way?-asked him angry and owner of reason, he was dressed in a red and gold tunic  well crafted and brown linen  pants.




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