Destiny´s name

 They were getting closer , felt the muffled footsteps and the terrifying sound a few seconds of me just thought of something I had to run, run like I have never done .
My breathing was uncontroled and my heart was racing and I was completely exhausted , I wondered how I had not lost consciousness .
Was distressed or rather petrified had never felt so scared in my Intire life, men who harassed me were tall and were very well made ​​, had strong features and protruding chins and a fierce and menacing look , sported a red robes of a escarlete and a glorious golden and were well armed , in another situation I would be flattered to know , but now wanted to get away from that unknown place .
It looked like a magic forest  , a forest that had no end , all paths crossed , that opened secret passages , it seemed that the forest itself had life.

They were about to grab me , I do not even know if I should continue to fight for my freedom or let me catch , I was very tired , my legs were shaking , I was breathless , nervous , sweaty and completely amazed with what was happen … and suddenly .. I WOKE UP .
I woke up startled , and saw that I was really sweaty and my legs were hurting so much , I´ve stretched, and i finnaly got up !
But where was I anyway? ? After all, it wasn´t a dream ? Had been all real? Didn´tt know, I just saw that I was in a different place , it was no longer within that quiet cafe that had a large window and I could admire the city ,that  had high humidity in the air and felt it easier to breathe , but  a few seconds ago I was enjoing a wonderful breakfast and now it seemed that I was in a small room furnished with wood, a robust and gleaming hardwood !
It was a very modest room , but strangely comfortable that recreated Celtic customs and their good tastes , it was in green tones , moreover with various shades of green…

I sat on the edge of the bed , which seemed to be made of feathers and an amalgam of silky blankets, I found myself realizing that it was ijust a dream , I was still dreaming and when I was going to wake up any moment!
The truth is that it took long minutes and I was still at that unknown  place ! ? Until now had only occurred to me that could still be dreaming , but if it was not a dream ? Had to leave, I´ve started to force the door, but it was heavy , that’s when I heard a voice,  sweet as honey male voice .
Maybe she has already awake! We better go see ! – I heard someone say the other side of the door , I knew he was talking to someone else , because the voice was rough and dry .
– No, I ‘ll see if she woke up, you should stay here in case something happens ! – Ordered that sweet voice again .
Did not know what he would do , and if they were aliens , or kidnappers , or extremely evil people , had to hide , but where ?


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